Recognition as leaders of the future in Western Sydney

September 6, 2022

This year, Circle Bridge Legal has received a unique recognition for the work our firm continues to do with our clients.

We’re delighted to share that our Principal Solicitor, Firas Hammoudi, has been featured in the Daily Telegraph’s recent list of Western Sydney’s young gamechangers.

This recognition is as much about our firm’s work as it is about the high standing in which Firas is held by his clients and networks. It speaks to the quality and diligence with which our team approaches all that we do. 

At a fairly early stage in his career, Firas knew he wanted to make a difference through his legal skills by creating both economic and social value for the community. This belief manifested in the foundation of Circle Bridge Legal.

Our multi-practice firm is at the heart of Australia’s next growth engine, Western Sydney. We believe in the potential of this region and see it in our practice every single day.

As such, we are honoured that Firas has been featured in this list, which acknowledges the hard work and success of a team of fantastic professionals from this important part of Australia’s future. 

We have included the full extract (relating to Firas) of the feature below. The full piece can be found here.

Firas Hammoudi

Liverpool mover-and-shaker Firas Hammoudi is all about keeping things fresh and contemporary at his chic legal practice. 

Having started as a paralegal 11 years ago, the 29-year-old has come far in a relatively short amount of time having worked as a solicitor at law firms in Circular Quay and Martin Place before opening up his own practice.

“In late 2017, I took the leap of faith and Circle Bridge Legal was born. It was my passion for western Sydney that led to my realisation that Liverpool was an obvious location for our headquarters,” Mr Hammoudi said.

Fighting through the Covid outbreak, Mr Hammoudi is proud to say his business survived all the lockdowns and he’s since returned to a revamped office space and was the recipient of an award.

“In late 2021, Circle Bridge Legal completed a modern, artistic and unique fit-out in the heart of western Sydney. This new office speaks to our aspirations for the future,” he said.

“I was delighted to have been recognised as a finalist for the 2021 Peacemakers Awards in the Commercial Law and Family Law category.” 

The Lebanese legal young gun said the west had a considerable influence on his development.

“Western Sydney is an inclusive society and this has naturally taught me how to engage positively with people from differing cultures and traditions,” Mr Hammoudi said.

Going forward, Mr Hammoudi sees a bright future for his firm in the epicentre of the west.

“I continue to lead Circle Bridge Legal to new horizons into the future,” he said 

“Our vision is to be a household name and through the law, help people living in western Sydney realise their potential.” 

Mr Hammoudi encouraged young westies to reach for the stars. 

“Western Sydney presents endless opportunities for those that look for them,” he said. 

“Our youth need to defy the unicorn expectations that are often cast upon people living in Western Sydney and to embrace their background and culture in gaining success. Western Sydney is not different, but unique.”

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