Asset Protection & Estate Planning

A strategic approach to managing assets and affairs in the here now and for your future

Circle Bridge Legal’s Asset Protection and Estate Planning team brings a depth of experience to the full spectrum of wills and estates related matters, providing culturally appropriate and practical advice on estate planning, administration and dispute resolution.

Good asset protection and estate planning goes far beyond having a will. Rather, it involves strategic, holistic plan to manage your affairs in the here and now while you are alive and setting it up for when you pass away.

We engage deeply throughout the estate planning process, helping establish estate documents and deeds that are effective in giving life to our clients’ intentions and foreseeing issues before they arise. At the same time, we pursue clients’ interests in cases of disputes vigorously and robustly, while being sensitive to the challenges of such scenarios.

We are intimately aware of the importance of good estate planning, helping our clients secure their assets for the long-term benefit of their loved ones and beneficiaries, including in the case of unforeseen deaths, incapacity or financial misfortune. We draft trust deeds to ensure they give effect to our clients’ intentions, advising on the entire range of planning options to do so while keeping cost and tax implications firmly in mind. We take a holistic view of our clients’ assets while doing so, and prepare documents to give effect to all strategic options, including death benefit nominations, trusts, wills, asset restructures and more. Further, we also draft other relevant documents such as powers of attorney to ensure clients and their dependants are looked after in the case of incapacity.

Further along the estate life-cycle, we are also experts in estate administration, assisting in the timely and adept administration of clients’ interests after their passing (or that of family members). We have extensive experience in applying for probate and letters of administration, as well as advising on the successful administration of estates through a range of mechanisms, including transfers of interest, property sales, access to super, and more.

Where matters turn into estate disputes, we have extensive experience and knowledge in their resolution. Recognising the sensitivity of such situations and the legally complex nature of wills and estates disputes, we bring a combination of legal nous and human understanding to every matter. With experience and depth of knowledge across all Australian jurisdictions, we help our clients secure their objectives, whatever they may be.

Areas of Expertise

Simple and Complex Wills

Drafting wills to clearly stipulate our clients’ intentions, ensuring their wealth is distributed in accordance with their wishes.


Assisting clients to appoint guardians for minor children in the event of death, including trusts or other necessary arrangements to ensure they are adequately provided for.

Testamentary Trusts

Establishing testamentary trusts to provide protection in estate planning and distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Powers of Attorney

Drafting powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney in the event of a loss of mental capacity.

Probate and Administration of Estate

Guiding executors through the probate and administration process if they have been so appointed, and applying for grants of probate and letters of administration.

Will and Inheritance Disputes

Acting for beneficiaries, executors and those wishing to challenge wills during inheritance disputes.

Estate Litigation

We work strategically and deftly to achieve the best outcomes for clients in the case of estate litigation, respecting the sensitivity of this space while vigorously pursuing our clients’ best interests.


Assisting clients dealing with an intestate estate or a dispute caused by an intestate estate to try and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Family Provision

Guiding clients through every aspect of filing a Family Provision claim, including drafting, filing and obtaining an appropriate Order to safeguard their interests after they have lost a loved one.

Advance Care Directives

Drafting Advanced Care Directives and Enduring Guardianships to specify clients’ intentions regarding medical treatment where they may become unable to communicate their wishes.

Superannuation and Death Benefits

Examining whether clients are entitled to death benefits and ensuring they receive full entitlements from the deceased’s superannuation fund.

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