Our Philosophy

We aim to distinguish ourselves from competitors through our underlying philosophy. 

Circle Bridge Legal’s underlying philosophy and approach helps distinguish us from other firms. 

It is through the professional, efficient and innovative legal solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs that we have been able to focus on clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. 

Being a cross-practice firm, our clients range from smaller entities to rapidly growing businesses. We value long-standing relationships with our trusted advisors in the accounting, insolvency and financial sectors, and bring a team approach to every client problem.

We believe in adopting a holistic approach to your legal matter, and adopting a ‘problem-solving’ mindset to offer strategic guidance that is both practical and effective in achieving the desired goal.

We appreciate that every scenario is unique and multidimensional and requires a targeted approach. Our team will work with you to define your legal matter, generate a range of options, and craft creative solutions that best address your particular situation.

Our philosophy is encapsulated within our name and logo: a bridge in which there are multiple entry and exit points, and on which endless outcomes are possible. Each of the words in our name represents the values that are at the core of our philosophy: the ‘circle’ represents wholeness and totality (the core holistic approach we aim to bring); the ‘bridge’ is your journey to a desired outcome – the future you aspire to. 

Together, they are a symbol of hope, and represent the diverse creative solutions that can become available by thinking outside the ‘circle’.

This concept is embodied within our logo; a bird’s-eye view of a circle bridge. The bridge is framed within a rounded square, a subtle reference to the parameters within our legal system, with the rounded corners reflecting our personal and professional approach.

Meet our talented team that has helped make us an emerging force in the legal sector